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Top Tips for Taking the Plunge

Business is hard and it is not for everyone. Do not get fooled into thinking that starting a business is the key to unlimited income and infinite freedom! If you’re craving freedom and financial success, I’d suggest getting in with a great corporate company that you’re able to grow in. If you’re debating on starting a business, here are my top five tips you’ll need to consider before starting:

  1. Get clear on your goals and align them with your actions
    First and foremost – you need to know what you want. Do you want to build a million dollar business or do you want to make a comfortable living while maintaining a relatively decent family/life balance? There’s no right or wrong direction, but you’re going to need to know which way you’re heading!
  2. Be so passionate about your business
    Make sure that whatever you decide to do as your business, you’re so passionate about it. Things will get hard, and when they do you’re going to need your passion and love for what you do to pull you through the hard times. 
  3. You are your biggest asset
    Your business will only be as strong and healthy as the entrepreneur running it. Taking care of yourself should be your top priority daily. You need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself in these top three areas at all times: mentally, physically and emotionally. 
  4. What you need to get started
    Take inventory of what you’ll need to actually start your business. Only get the essentials! Do not waste money on anything that doesn’t make you money in return and is not essential for your operation. You need to make money first and prove your business works!
  5. Get support
    Do not try to run a business on your own. You need to have some help and at the very least, you need to make sure you have support. Make sure your family is on board! Business gets hard and requires a lot of energy, love and attention, and at times it will require more of your attention than you’ll be able to give to them.

Rebecca Hamilton,
Owner, Chick Boss Cake


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