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The Best Ways to Transform Your Space

Happy New Year! This past year has definitely been one for the books for most of us. To start the new season off on the right foot, I would love to provide you with some cautionary design advice. Before you take out that paintbrush to freshen up your living space or go to hang up those beautiful art pieces you were gifted (or gifted yourself!) I would like you to pause and heed the following: 

Sample Paint Swatches

Let me paint you a picture. You see the most beautiful gray paint on a teeny-tiny sample at the paint store. You bring home several gallons of said gray paint. Once you have spent many hours painting and finally stand back to admire the new space you realize… IT’S PURPLE!  Yes, my friends, gray is not just gray. Like many colours, it has many undertones. This is why it is imperative to invest in a sample size of the paint you intend on using. I always recommend using at least three to four coats of paint on a small area to see how it looks on your walls BEFORE committing to painting your entire space! 

Transform your space by hanging art properly

Let’s talk about hanging art in your home. When placing art on the walls, have you thought about where the eye falls? People generally tend to hang their art too high – the average sightline for a human is 57 inches. (Unless you are vertically blessed like me!) Aim to hang your artwork at about this height as it creates the most comfortable place for the eye to rest. When working with a gallery wall or a few stacked pieces, the midline of the entire collage should be at this height, creating an appropriate sightline. 

With these small tips, you can translate the vision that you have for your space into reality!

Sarah Atiq
Principal Designer,
Sarah Atiq Interiors


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