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Transition from Lazy Days to School Schedules

Switching from the lazy days of summer to a busy school year requires transition. So here are some tips to help your whole family transition smoothly.


  1. Establish appropriate bedtimes and nighttime routines. Your evening sets you up for a successful morning! Turn off the TV and electronics early so you can wind down with a bath and a bedtime story.

  3. Prepare the night before. Make lunches, pack backpacks, lay out clothes the night before and have an idea what’s for breakfast to avoid morning stress.

  5. Create a morning routine. Your morning schedule should include your kid’s wake-up time, what time to eat breakfast, get dressed and what time they need to leave for school. Having this visual will help start their day on the right foot.

  7. Create a homework routine. Just like with the nighttime and morning routine, have a schedule around homework. Whether it gets done when they get home or after dinner, stick to that routine. It’s helpful to have a quiet, distraction-free homework zone.

  9. Eat as a family. Come together and share how the day was! Share the wins, the losses, what you loved, and things you didn’t love about the day. This is great family bonding time!


Now parents, let’s all give each other a high five to celebrate back to school!


Meaghan Terzis
Lifestyle Coach and Biz Mentor, empowering women through fitness, essential oils and healthy living.


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