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Triple Threat/Triple Response

This fall and winter we are facing a trifecta of respiratory illnesses. Health authorities are recommending three vaccines to protect us against respiratory illnesses: Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Influenza (flu), and COVID-19. Each of these vaccines plays a crucial role in safeguarding public health as we navigate the ongoing pandemic and respiratory illness season. 


  1. COVID-19 Vaccine: The COVID-19 vaccine remains a top priority in the fight against the pandemic. These vaccines have been shown to be highly effective in preventing COVID-19 infection, reducing severe illness, hospitalization and death. Booster doses are recommended for many individuals to enhance immunity, especially for those at higher risk, such as older adults and healthcare workers. Widespread vaccination is essential to achieving herd immunity and minimizing spread of illness.
  2. Influenza (Flu) Vaccine: The annual influenza vaccine is a vital tool in preventing seasonal flu outbreaks. Influenza can lead to severe illness, hospitalization and even death, particularly in vulnerable populations like the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Getting the flu shot each year helps reduce the risk of infection and limits the strain on healthcare systems. The vaccine is updated annually to match the most prevalent flu strains, making it tailored to each flu season.
  3. RSV Vaccine: Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a common respiratory illness that can be particularly severe in young children, the elderly and individuals with weakened immune systems. We now have a new vaccine for RSV that, though not part of the publically available vaccines, can be prescribed by your primary care provider.


The three recommended vaccines this fall—COVID-19, flu and RSV play a pivotal role in protecting public health and reducing the burden on healthcare systems. Get vaccinated, and stay informed about any updates or changes in vaccine recommendations to ensure the best possible protection against respiratory illnesses during this fall, winter and beyond. 



Dr. Bhooma Bhayana is a family physician in London and the mother of two young men and proud grandmother of three! She continues to find wonder and enjoyment in family practice despite more than 30 years on the job!


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