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Beth Morash is the sole proprietor at Virtually Beth, providing virtual assistant services to multiple nonprofits, entrepreneurs and small businesses from her home in London, Ontario. “Growing my service-based business has been one of my most challenging career choices. You give a lot of yourself to pursue the entrepreneurial dream. It has had its ups and downs, but I have taken the time to learn from each step of the process, allowing me to enjoy my entrepreneurial journey thus far”, says Beth.


Virtually Beth started as a side hustle in 2014. Working as an administrative assistant has always come naturally to Beth. As a side hustle, Beth was able to try different industries and master specific skills allowing her to put her focus on a few specific niche areas. “In 2021, I made the big decision to put all my energy into Virtually Beth. I quit my full-time job to continue my journey and I have no regrets.”


She has started focusing on how she can assist nonprofit and charitable organizations in the past few months. “I truly enjoy working with organizations that are giving back to my community. Being part of something meaningful drives me to keep pushing through the learning curves and gives me the boost I need to continue building this unique business of mine.” 


She is truly thankful for all she has learned from her clients over the years and would not be where she is today without their support. Her family and friends have been a great asset to her, encouraging and promoting her every step of the way. “I would have given up many years ago if it had not been for my wonderful support network”, Beth praised. 


Virtually Beth offers administrative support, project management, social media assistance and organization support. Beth helps dreams come true, one task at a time. Check out her website: www.virtuallybeth.ca and follow her on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/va2021bethmorash

and Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/virtually_beth/.


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