The pandemic has made travelling impossible at times, and very tough at others. What do you miss most about vacationing? 

Charlie – I miss the fact that we haven’t gone anywhere for vacation in the last couple of years. We have taken short trips to places in Ontario and learned about where we went. I do dream about going somewhere hot and sunny, somewhere you can only get to by airplane. We ARE going to be travelling way up into Northern Ontario for a month very soon to work on a fun project. I can hardly wait! 


Harrison – I miss vacationing because I miss being able to get away from the regular everyday things we do. We haven’t been able to spend time with extended family very much. We are going north very soon so my brother and I have been researching all about the places we will be seeing and it makes preparing for the trip and experiencing the journey that much more fun. 


What do you learn when you take a trip to someplace new? 

Charlie – When we go someplace new, I always look it up to learn about its history. I look forward to meeting new people and exploring special places there. Every place has so many interesting things that might not be like where we live.

Harrison – Learning about how people live differently because of the climate and the environment around them always interests me. My brother and I often help navigate trips with actual paper maps. It’s interesting how cities and roads and highways all connect.  


Tell us about two of your favourite places to travel – one close by and one far away. 

Charlie – Two of my favourite places to visit are Ottawa and any Ontario Provincial Park. Ottawa has so many museums and there is so much to learn about our country’s history. My favourite is always going somewhere with a natural environment. It’s peaceful and quiet, and I always feel like a new person when I have spent time in nature. 

Harrison – We go to Toronto a lot for auditions and modeling work. The best is just walking down the streets and seeing the different people going where they are going. There is great art, the buildings look so beautiful at night, but the traffic is the worst. I haven’t been yet but I do want to travel to British Columbia to see the Rocky Mountains and orcas in the Pacific Ocean.  


Charlie and Harrison
Meet 10 year-old twins, Charlie and Harrison, our new Kid Zone writers!
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