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Want, Need, Wear, Read

Happy holidays! There’s a gift-buying plan called “Want, Need, Wear, Read.” It means you buy a person only one gift from each category. This can be a great way for parents to keep to a budget and not go overboard on holiday gift buying for the kids. But we wanted to ask our Kid Zone kids, “If you were buying your dads one thing from each category, what would it be?”

Nico wanted to shop for Papa and Luca decided to buy for Daddy.


Something he wants:

Nico: Papa wants a picture of me, Daddy and Luca.


Luca: Daddy wants a vacation somewhere warm.


Something he needs:

Nico: Papa needs doctor tools like a stethoscope.


Luca: Daddy needs a haircut (LOL).


Something to wear:

Nico: A shirt that says LOVE!


Luca: A shirt with a poop emoji to wear at work!


Something to read:

Nico: The next Harry Potter book because Papa can read it to us at bedtime.


Luca: A Star Wars cookbook because he loves Star Wars and Daddy makes delicious meals. Plus, I want to eat a lightsaber!


Meet our newest Kid Zone writers, 9 and 7 year old brothers Luca and Nico. Each month, they’ll be sharing perspectives on life as a child sees it.


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