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Weapons of Mass Creation

It’s time to go on a nature hunt – but not just for the heck of it. We’re looking for supplies for our natural paintbrushes!

These are paintbrushes that you make yourself with things you’ve found in nature. You’ll need sturdy sticks for the handles. Then get creative – lots of things can work as bristles – maybe pine needles, a pinecone, grass, flower petals, moss, etc. You can attach your “bristles” to your stick with small elastics. Then go ahead and be a Picasso – paint with your natural paintbrushes to your heart’s content. Not a nice day outside? You can also search for a variety of brushes indoors that can make for a fun painting experience.

Try Q-tips, dish scrubbers, pipe cleaners, pieces of sponge on a clothespin, a mushroom brush, etc.

Happy Painting!


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