Katelyn was born and raised in the Niagara region of Ontario before moving to London where she spent 10 years at Western University completing a Bachelor’s, a Masters, and a PhD in Kinesiology. Katelyn excelled in the world of exercise physiology and continues to pursue her passions with her current work at the University of Waterloo and Western University. While building her career in academia, Katelyn had her first son in 2019 and quickly realized how vital sleep was to both herself and her baby. Katelyn has become committed to helping other tired families get a good night’s rest knowing firsthand that a rested family is a happy family!


When your child has healthy sleep habits, they are less grumpy, more alert and playful, eager to learn, and most importantly – happier! If your child isn’t sleeping through the night, struggling to fall asleep, or waking up regularly, it might be time to invest in a sleep coach. Katelyn can help you build a plan of action with methods you are comfortable with and tactics that have been proven. While most books and programs dealing with child sleep issues take philosophical stands (based largely around the issue of “crying it out”), we believe that your child’s sleep is much more important than our personal views on this subject. That’s why the WeeSleep™ approach places so much emphasis on accommodating different parenting styles, lifestyles and living situations. The bottom line is that you, as a parent, need to be comfortable with your new sleep plan in order for it to work for your child!


Katelyn is also a lover of coffee, sweaty workouts, and family time. Her passion for health and wellness is evident in her understanding and compassionate commitment to helping families through her work at WeeSleep. Now pregnant with their second child, Katelyn is excited to continue learning from her own experiences and helping other families along the way with “mom-approved” tips and tricks to help babies learn the necessary skills for sleep.


For a FREE 15-minute consultation with Katelyn, you can book online through https://weesleep.as.me/katelyn and follow her on Instagram @weesleep_katelynwood.


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