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What Can a Financial Planner Do For You?

I often get asked what a financial planner can do for their clients.  I love this question because more than investment and retirement planning, financial planning covers all areas of the “whole you” — your financial life (what you have and what you owe) and your personal life (your values, goals and needs).

8 Ways a Financial Planner Can Help You

  1. Balance competing priorities: Get cash flow strategies to help you save for the future while balancing life’s financial demands. i.e., Pay down my mortgage or invest? Save for retirement or the kids education?
  2. Reach your investing goals: Build an investment plan based on sound principles and your personal priorities. i.e., How can I be a smart investor?  How can I get more from my RRSP and/or TFSA?
  3. Prepare for retirement: Get ready to retire, when and how you want, with a solid retirement plan. i.e., Can I retire early? How will I fill my time in retirement?
  4. Protect your wealth: Preserve your wealth for yourself and your loved ones with smart strategies. i.e., Estate planning is more than just having a Will.
  5. Borrow smarter: Discover borrowing and credit strategies that give you a better return on your money.
  6. Get tax-savings strategies: Identify strategies to help reduce the taxes you and your family pay.
  7. Enjoy retirement: Create a plan for how you want to spend your retirement and know how to make your money last. i.e., What financial steps do I take at 65? At 71? How do I take income from my RRSPs?
  8. Define your legacy: Provide a secure future for the people and causes you care about. i.e., passing along the family cottage, business succession planning. 

Studies show that professional financial advice has the potential to help you double—or even triple—your net worth1.
Source: Ipsos Reid Canadian Financial Monitor

Jennifer Taylor, CFP®, PFP, Financial Planner, RBC Royal Bank


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