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What is an Insurance Broker?

I thought the best place to start for you, our readers, is to give a synopsis of what an insurance broker is and what we do and can do for our clients.

What is a broker? 

A broker is a licensed professional that works for YOU, the client! As a broker, we are well versed and educated in all things insurance. This means you have more expert advice, more choice, better pricing, and we are on your side in the event of a claim. We, as a broker, work with multiple insurance companies from across Ontario and Canada and therefore we work to find you the best options for coverage and pricing, and advocate on your behalf to the insurance company when needed.

How does the process work? 

Working with our office is simple!

  1. Connect – Right from the start you are partnered with a dedicated broker.
  2. Review – Your broker will assess and review your insurance needs.
  3. Quote – Your broker will source quotes and options from multiple insurance partners.
  4. Advise – Your broker will offer recommendations for a customized solution.
  5. Hassle Free – Your broker is here for you. Questions, concerns, changes? Simply call or email.

Why use a broker when you can shop online?

Again, the answer is simple:

  • We offer a wide choice of products and price comparisons from many insurance companies.
  • We give advice on your specific needs and situation.
  • We explain your insurance policy in terms everyone can understand.
  • We support you and represent you if you ever need to make a claim.
  • We are here to talk, live in person.


Scott Sleightholm, CAIB, R.I.B.(Ont.), Vice President, Kenny Insurance Brokers


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