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Beauty Tools: Quality over Quantity

Don’t get caught up in the latest beauty-buzz and season must-haves. Ask yourself “What do I  actually need?” and try to choose quality over quality. Below are some of my top beauty tools that are worth every penny and are made to last.


Professional Styling Tools – It’s important to remember that your hair is a delicate fabric so when it comes to buying a blow-dryer, flat iron or curling iron, it’s essential to invest in high-quality styling tools that will perform without burning your tresses. Professional tools will not only last much longer, but the advanced technology and science behind it will guarantee less damage, controlled heating, and faster results.


High-Quality Hair Brushes – My top 5 recommendations are:

  • Tangle Free Brush – for gentle detangling with minimal breakage.
  • Wide Tooth Comb – perfect for combing through conditioners and treatments, as well as leave-in conditioners, serums, and thermal protectors.
  • Round brush – for styling, volume, and body.
  • Paddle brush – for brushing and smoothing.


High-Quality Makeup Brushes & Tools – From eyes, eyebrows, face, and lips, you need to have a great set of makeup tools to work with to achieve blended, smooth makeup applications. Invest in a couple at a time and start with the staples.  Think buff, blend, line and define. These tools are essential for achieving beautiful results while minimizing product waste.


Tailored Skincare Regimen – Beauty begins with a beautiful canvas, and the best way to achieve optimum results is by treating your skin with a daily skin care regimen designed to purify and beautify while providing preventative and restorative benefits. Consult with a beauty professional to determine the best skin regimen for your specific needs.  


Tailored Haircare Regimen – A healthy scalp produces healthy hair which is why it’s so important to use the right products to clarify, hydrate, protect and nourish the delicate fabric we all know as hair. There are so many products out there filled with silicones, waxes, harmful sulfates, and alcohol – all of which are damaging and dehydrating, and can potentially strip colour and moisture. To save money and give your hair the optimum care it needs, consult with a professional and let them tailor the perfect regimen for all of your haircare needs.


Stay BeYOUtiful,

Lisa xo


Lisa Aquilina is the founder of Stilettos and a Stroller and creator and Editor-in-Chief of Women with Ambition™️Magazine.


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