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Where Will 2023 Take Us?

It’s a new year with new beginnings and some new endings as well. In our homes, what’s new and what’s losing its popularity? I researched extensively and a few points stand out as being the likely “ins and outs”.


  1. Texture. More texture is showing up in furniture, decorative accessories and textiles. It adds warmth and interest in many forms.
  2. Colour. Bolder and brighter colours are emerging, providing some uplifting, happy feelings using paint, fabric and accessories. Bring outdoor colours in with the greens and browns of nature.
  3. Desert inspired hues. The pinks and oranges of sunset, and the taupes and beiges of sand bring warmth to a room, trending away from stark whites and cool greys.
  4. Wallpaper. It’s back and it’s especially stunning when used as an accent or mural wall.  Patterns can be soft and subtle or bold graphics and geometrics – colour and textures abound. Price points are higher than years ago when Mom or Grandma used wallpaper to hide wall imperfections.
  5. Sustainability. We are finally moving away from the cheap, quick furniture that is so readily available. But no need to turn to high end, expensive, new stuff – check out vintage and used.  Re-upholstery is a great option to update a piece with the quality that is missing in new furniture today.


  1. Large open spaces. With more time spent at home during the past couple of years, and the need for work and/or study space, homes are moving back to more defined room spaces and the more cozy feel of smaller, well-appointed rooms.
  2. Rattan. Still popular for accent pieces, too much rattan as a focal point is a no-no.
  3. White and Greys. Our love of everything white and/or grey is giving way to more colour, especially in kitchens where you will see more accent colours used on an island, for instance. Wood cabinets are also making a strong return.
  4. White Ceilings. As bolder colours return, adding colour to your ceiling (either using the same colour as your walls or a soft contrast colour) will provide interest and a finished look to your room.

With home design, there are really no definite rules. Make your house a home in whatever way you can.  The design centre at Custom Shades of London is a great place to start!


Janice Brock,
Owner, Custom Covers and Custom Shades


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