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Why Are Accessible Playgrounds Important?

When it comes to children and outdoor activities, the playground or park is a location that first comes to mind. When you have able-bodied or typically developing children, accessibility does not normally cross your mind when it comes to these outings, nor does it really affect choosing the park you attend. For some families, an accessible playground is a must when it comes to these adventures and finding an inclusive accessible playground can be challenging.

“An accessible playground has unobstructed routes to the play space and connecting play equipment, ground-level play components, ramps with handrails for much of the elevated play equipment, and safety surfacing for wheelchair traction.” The play surface is usually constructed from material such as soft rubber or turf which is level, allowing for easy movement and wheelchairs. The walkways and ramps must be wide enough to allow for walkers and wheelchair use. Some other accessible equipment you may find at these playgrounds includes but is not limited to:

  • Accessible swings
  • Interactive games
  • Elevated sandboxes
  • Inclusive overhead climbers


When a playground is not accessible, this limits the amount some children can participate in with their friends. This not only affects the child with the physical or social impairment, but it also affects the social development of all children, as they cannot participate with their peers and sometimes do not understand why.

The two closest playgrounds that are deemed accessible in and around London are:

  • Hully Gully Park at Southwest Optimist park, located on Southdale Road just west of Bostwick
  • Alexandra Park, located at 154 Caradoc Street North, Strathroy, Ontario


Currently, Lambeth is fundraising to reconstruct the Lambeth Public School playground to be more accessible and inclusive for the children in their community.

For a full list of accessible playgrounds throughout Ontario, please visit: https://www.accessibleplayground.net/canada/ontario/?doing_wp_cron=1690298392.7431650161743164062500


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