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Why is my Child Not Doing What They Should Be?

A developmental delay is not a single disease, more so an umbrella term or grouping of disabilities that can develop in children. There are various types of developmental disabilities that can occur in the pediatric population, ranging from delays in physical abilities, speech, cognition and socialization. Every one of these components is equally essential to a child and how they grow and develop over the course of their life. March is developmental disability awareness month and we wanted to bring to light what you as parents can do if your child is atypically developing with regards to their physical abilities specifically.

The first thing as a parent you may notice before your doctor is if your child is meeting their milestones that are set out by the CDC. Are they able to roll from back to front or front to back, can they sit unassisted, crawl, pull to stand or walk? These are common questions that your doctor will ask you at their wellness check-ups. You can use https://lookseechecklist.com/en/ and https://eyci.healthhq.ca/en/check-in to help. 

Sometimes children need additional aids to provide them the support or strength to sit, crawl or stand. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors and orthotists are all available and want to help you and your child achieve these milestones and progress in their abilities. If your child has lower strength or tone and is not able to sit, there are orthoses out there that can help with propriocepton and gentle compression to help improve posture and provide support. If standing is difficult for your child, perhaps they just need that extra support in their ankles and feet.

If you are concerned about how your child is developing please reach out to your doctor or pediatrician. If you would like us to evaluate their gait or walking abilities or would like a consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.


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