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Why Would I Buy Life Insurance for a Child?

A properly designed Cash Value Participating Whole Life (CVPWL) insurance policy from a mutual carrier for your child is actually the best decision you can make for him or her and their financial future.

It is not about death benefit. It is about living benefit. 

Most of the time, life insurance is designed so that there will be a death benefit in place only. Since 1847 in Canada, wealthy families have been taking advantage of the cash value living benefits offered only by CVPWL insurance. Why don’t you? After all, for only the price of a coffee per day your child can become a millionaire.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a closer look into why it might be a good idea to purchase a life insurance policy on your child, and how in doing so, you could actually be starting his or her journey towards financial independence.

Here is the basic premise: life insurance for children is not so much about a death benefit as it is about a properly designed cash value life insurance policy which creates incredible LIVING benefits presently, and down the road for your child. Yes, there is also a death benefit, but that is not the primary reason to get life insurance for kids. We are talking about financial benefits that are brought about with strategically structured dividend paying whole life insurance from a mutual insurance company. 

Have we got your attention? We hope so! 

Now, let’s clear the air real quick. We are not advocating that you should consider life insurance for the standard reasons that most people believe. You see, most people fail to understand the benefits of whole life insurance when used as a strategic wealth building tool and get fixated on the wrong things.

When I first heard about the benefits CVPWL offered children, like tax-free compounded growth, control, bankruptcy protection, legacy, opportunity cost reduction, estate planning, and mostly peace of mind, I thought this was too good to be true. But today I own 10 of these polices. And you can too!


Cole Snell, Wealth Architect, Ascendant Financial


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