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Will You Be Ready – EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES – How We Justify Not Doing Our Wills

In this edition, we address some of the reasons clients give as to why they have never completed their Will and Power of Attorney documents. If you’re among the 51% of Canadians who don’t have a Will, you may find yourself saying…

  • “I simply don’t have much.”
    Wills aren’t just about how much you leave behind. It’s about being prepared and not leaving your family with unnecessary expense and hassle. If you have children, it’s as much about leaving clear instructions as to who cares for them. Even if your Estate is modest, your Will can simplify things for your loved ones. Make it clear who gets what, where your children or pets go and what happens to your body. Without a Will, the cost of appointing someone to deal with even a small estate can be 10 times what it costs to prepare your documents. We give enough money to the government. Don’t give them every last cent!
  • “I’m young; I’ll get around to it when my family stops growing

Our Estate lawyers draft documents that grow with your family, regardless of future additions to it. We strive to draft Wills that are flexible enough to accommodate changes to family size and property ownership. While major life events could require you to update your Will, most changes are contemplated by the Estate plan we put in place for you from the outset. And never forget, regardless of how young you are, we all have a deathday, just as we have a birthday; we just don’t know in which year it will fall. We don’t all live to a ripe old age.


  • “It’s too costly”

We often hear of lawyers charging upwards of $1,000 to complete these documents, however since 2011, we have been committed to making these documents accessible. A Couple’s Package is only $350 plus HST and a Singles Package is $275 plus HST.  We also offer home and hospital visits for an additional fee.


At Jim Dean Law, our goal is to make your Will work for you.


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