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Winter Boots: The Dreaded Search for the Right Fit

It is the most wonderful time of year, snow falling, children playing, but then you remember you need to get a new pair of boots to keep their feet warm. Parents struggle to find the right boots for their children that are not too tight or heavy. Depending on your child’s age and how fast they grow, a handy tip is to buy your children’s boots two sizes up from what you would normally buy. Winter boots need to fit children in Canada from October to March. That is a long time when children grow so quickly. Your feet will stay warmer when your boots fit properly because the room allows air to circulate around the foot. 


When choosing the right size we do not recommend holding your child’s foot to the bottom of the sole because with the liner, the boot size can be very deceiving. We recommend taking the liner or insole out of the boot. Try on the boot liner or place the child’s foot on the liner, ensuring the foot is at the back. Verify the width of the foot in the liner or the insole. If the foot is hanging over the insole or is pushing on the seams, the boot is too narrow. When the boot is too narrow or too wide we recommend switching brands as it is not a matter of sizing up or down. A finger width or longer at the toe is the perfect amount of room to allow for growth and last an entire season.


My child wears AFOs. What boots do you recommend that can accommodate the brace? 

  • Kamik Snow Bugs 3 – lightweight boots that have a wide Velcro opening and waterproof soling
  • Billy Footwear – zipper opening to allow easy donning 
  • Butler 3 in 1 boot – Macaroni Orthotics Edition – V-stitched front-open liner to better accommodate braces


If you need any help in finding footwear that works for you or your child, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. We would be more than willing to help order your child shoes or boots that can accommodate them or their bracing needs.


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