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With Love, Your Divorce

With the season of spring fully upon us now, the cycle of change is evident all around with flowers in bloom, the warmth of the sun and the smell of new growth in the air. Looking back now at my divorce and all the dynamics that ended while the new beginnings bloomed, I feel prompted this month to share the most meaningful lessons I learned during my cycle of rebirth. 

  1. You will learn who is in your corner quickly. Cherish the people that show up, and try to release with grace those who don’t. It’s okay if friendships or family dynamics take a turn. Just continue to focus on who is rooting you on. 
  2. The kids will be fine. You’ll question it over and again, but with time, they will come to accept the new lifestyle and feel the shift in emotionality within you for the better. They will adapt as they get to learn at a young age the power of resiliency and self-respect. 
  3. You always know what’s best for you. Every time. Sink into your own inner anchor, guided by authentic truth and self-love and trust your decisions are leading you to what’s next. Opinions and judgements may swarm like honey bees around you, however don’t let someone else’s frame of reference sway what you know in your heart is best. 
  4. Romantic love will be felt again. Through the process of knowing what you don’t want, you will birth with knowingness and clarity what you need next. Fill those lonely places within you with time, spaciousness and healing activities as you learn how to alchemize your darkness into light, on your own, first. 
  5. Ask for support. Don’t ever repress your needs thinking that you’re being ‘too much’. People want to help because they love you. Finally, the most important aspect I learned throughout divorce is how deeply I can love myself. Although other relationships may crumble, falter or simply just go away, the relationship with me loving me has always proven to be the greatest life lesson of all.

Lyndsay Campbell is a co-parenting mother of two boys, a Life Transformation Coach and
Reiki Master.


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