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Woodworking 101

Want to expose your kids to an art that is often overlooked for the young? Woodworking!

Your mind might go immediately to the dangers – saws and splinters and injuries, oh my! But you can keep it simple and safe for your preschoolers. Christmas was the perfect time at our house – we set up an Elves’ Woodshop for the kids.

We set this up as a self-serve kind of station, where the kids could play whenever they wanted. So everything needed to be well-labelled, easily accessed, and easily tidied up. Here’s what you might want to include:

  • Small pieces of scrap wood sanded smooth so there are no sharp edges – the kids may want to stack with these or paint/marker/glue on them
  • Pieces of dowel that are different lengths – our kids made everything from drumsticks to magic wands with these
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint and paintbrushes, markers, crayons
  • Wood glue
  • Googly eyes, pompoms, ribbons, etc. to add to their wooden creations
  • Safety glasses, work gloves, etc.
  • A small child-sized hammer
  • A small screwdriver with screws
  • Elastic bands (kids will love screwing in two screws and stretching elastic bands between, bigger kids can use tweezers to do this for an extra challenge)

Happy woodworking little elves!


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