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Canada’s Right-of-Passage?

Someone recently said to me that summer camp is a Canadian right-of-passage for children. My initial sentiments were in agreeance, but it only took a moment for me to realize what an incredibly privileged statement it was. Summer camp is expensive. It’s a luxury. A significant portion of our population don’t have the resources to send their child(ren) to camp. This made me sad, because as I reflect on my experience, it really should be a Canadian right-of-passage.

Growing up, I was fortunate to be able to go to summer camp for a week one year. I knew it was a privilege which I wasn’t going to waste. Thirty years later, I still feel like I could replay the entire week over in my head. I loved summer camp. I participated in every activity I could, met new friends, learned how to ride a horse, canoe and play archery. I learned important life lessons too, like how to spot poison ivy, use a compass and pee in the woods without peeing on yourself. Not to mention the independence I felt, breaking free of the wrath of my parents for one whole week. It is safe to say I had a great time at summer camp, and the memories I made there have lasted me a lifetime. 

I recently signed up my daughter for her first week of camp. (P.S.A.: Hey parents – It’s not too late to invest in your summertime sanity, but hurry spots will be filling up quickly. You’re welcome, signed Summer Mom.) My daughter is pumped and has convinced two friends to go along with her too. Let’s just say they are thrilled. So are the moms. I’m thankful that I am able to send her to camp. I look at it as an investment into her childhood memories, amongst other things. However, there are still a ton of kids that do not get this opportunity. Well actually, they still may be able to. I was surprised to discover that ample financial support is available for children to go to camp through subsidies, charities and camp rebates. Here is a good resource to get you started: www.ontariocampsassociation.ca/resources/campers/subsidies-and-funding/

Here’s to making a lifetime of memories!


Janet Smith is a proud mom of one daughter and a marketing professional who is grateful for her rural roots in the London area. Follow Janet’s funny and honest journey at IG & TT | @re.marketable.janet or FB | @janetsiddallsmith


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