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Cook With Your Kids This March Break!

Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained over March Break? I’ve got you covered with a great way to connect with your kids and spend quality time as a family – get cooking! Cooking is an important life skill that doesn’t always come naturally. Practice makes perfect so why not start them young in the kitchen! For example, reading recipes can help your little chef’s reading skills, while measuring ingredients can help improve math skills. Not only that, picky eaters are more likely to try food they help make. Parent win! Most importantly, cooking is a great way to enstill healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Start simple! Your little chefs can start by learning basic cooking skills and build their way to chef status in no time. With your help and guidance, children at all ages can play an important role in the kitchen. Don’t forget to go over safety rules, explain what they can and cannot touch, and show them how to safely use kitchen tools.

Children aged 2-3 years can: wash fruit and vegetables, count ingredients and add ingredients to a bowl Children aged 3-4 years can: help gather ingredients, pour from measuring cups and mix ingredients in a bowl.

Children aged 4-6 years can: stir ingredients together, crack and beat an egg, set the table Children aged 6-8 years can: use basic kitchen equipment (such as a blender or can opener).

Children aged 8-11 years can: use a knife to chop easy-to-grip foods and use the microwave and stove (with your help) Here’s an idea – have a cooking party for your kids over March Break! Let them plan the menu, write the grocery list, shop for food and cook the meal. You can be their assistant/sous chef!

Another idea would be to visit your neighbourhood library and borrow kid-friendly cookbooks or search online for recipes your little chef would like to try.

Happy cooking and enjoy your time as a family this month!

Jenn Giurgevich is the founder of Spark Nutrition & Health, a virtual nutrition consulting business.
Visit www.sparknutritionandhealth.ca for more information.


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