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Amongst the age-old complaints about “kids these days,” it’s easy to overlook that perhaps we, as parents, bear some responsibility for the behaviors we decry of the next generations. Perhaps the joke is on us. From accusations of laziness to entitlement, the blame often circles back to us, the ones who raised them. Is this a timeless gag on every generation, or have we truly faltered in our parenting?

The older generations’ sentiment about the shortcomings of youth is not new. Throughout history, each generation has grappled with its own set of challenges, often attributing them to the perceived deficiencies of the younger cohort. However, amidst the complaints, there lies a deeper truth, the role of us, as parents, is to shape the attitudes and behaviors of our children. 

Today, society presents so many unique challenges, with technological advancements and shifting sociocultural norms, which significantly influence the upbringing of our children. But change hasn’t been isolated to this generation. In our mission to provide the best for our children, we have, most likely, inadvertently contributed to the very traits we criticize. 

One concern is the prevalence of instant gratification fueled by smartphones and on-demand services. We may have fostered this mindset by readily fulfilling our children’s desires without teaching delayed gratification. Not to mention, it was our generation that accelerated the digital age. Similarly, our relentless pursuit of success may convey to our children that it’s solely measured by external markers rather than intrinsic fulfillment and character. Moreover, the hyper-competitive nature of society can lead to anxiety and fear of failure in our children. We must balance ambition with resilience, teaching them that setbacks are opportunities for growth, not reflections of their worth.

Reflecting on these challenges, it becomes evident that the solution lies not in assigning blame but in introspection and proactive parenting. By nurturing empathy, resilience and a strong sense of values, we empower our children to navigate the complexities of life with grace and integrity. The next time you say the “kids these days”, remember that the journey of parenting is one of constant learning and growth, with each generation striving to do better than the last.


Janet Smith is a proud mom of one daughter and a marketing professional who is grateful for her rural roots in the London area. Follow Janet’s funny and honest journey at IG & TT | @re.marketable.janet or FB | @janetsiddallsmith


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