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Life with Baby Series: Breakfast Batches

Last month I shared with you how I planned to spend my last few weeks “nesting” and preparing dinner meals to have for when baby is here, knowing that cooking will be the last thing on our minds for the first couple months! Well, baby is here (yay!) and freezer meals have been a blessing since we would much rather be staring at babes all day…and sleeping, than slaving in the kitchen.

Don’t have a new baby at home? These tips and recipes could apply to those prepping for life after surgery, or even if you have a busy time coming up and want to have meals prepared in advance.  

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. Most days, I wake up hungry, and it can be challenging to get a healthy breakfast in while also prioritizing the needs of a newborn baby.

Breakfasts you can batch cook and freeze

Here are my three go-to recipes to batch cook and have available in the freezer for quick and easy meals in the morning. 

Mini egg muffins (https://dieteticdirections.com/mini-egg-muffins-2/) – Pop these in the micro, drop a slice of whole grain bread in the toaster, and add a piece of fruit or berries.

Breakfast burritos (https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/freezer-breakfast-burritos/) – Ummm hello!? Yes, please! These are the bomb! Probably one of my faves on a cold, snowy morning. 

Oatmeal breakfast cups (https://www.shelikesfood.com/healthy-baked-oatmeal-breakfast-cups-6-ways/) – So easy and versatile, these oatmeal breakfast cups are sure to please Mom, Dad and the kids. 

Other quick and easy breakfast ideas

Overnight oats – These are easy to prepare ahead and can be so versatile. You can buy mini mason jars at Walmart to store them in. My favorite combination is old-fashioned oats, plain Greek yogurt, milk, a spoonful of pumpkin, pumpkin spice, honey and pumpkin seeds.

Steel cut oats – Super easy to prepare on the weekend in a big batch for the week ahead. I like to add frozen blueberries before microwaving in the morning, and then I add milk, honey and cinnamon. Yum!

Boiled eggs on whole grain toast – We go through so many eggs in this house! We boil at least a dozen to have in the fridge for easy breakfasts, snacks, and lunches during the week. 

Next month I’ll share with you what I plan on preparing in advance for quick and easy snacks!

Jenn Giurgevich is a Registered Dietitian and former contract Professor at Brescia University College with a wealth of nutrition knowledge. Over the last 10+ years, Jenn has paired her love for nutrition and health with her undeniable love for fitness, working as both a personal trainer and fitness instructor.


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