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March Break Marshmallows

Looking for ways to keep the kids busy this March break? I’ve got you covered for at least a few hours of fun in the kitchen!

One thing I’m so thankful for is the hours spent in the kitchen with my Grandma when I was a little girl. It quickly led to me experimenting and creating at a very young age, and inspired my love for baking to this day. I don’t know how many bags of flour and sugar we went through during those years, but I’m sure my Mom will tell you it was a lot!

It’s a great idea to get kids interested in cooking or baking early on. They will learn about nutrition and develop important life skills. If you’re looking for any easy activity that requires few ingredients and not too much mess, try these chocolate dipped marshmallows on a stick!

What you will need: 

  • 100 g of chocolate (I like to split it 50/50 white and milk chocolate)
  • A bag of large marshmallows
  • Sprinkles (any kind works – get the kids to pick these out)
  • 1 pack of lollipop sticks (an easy find at Bulk Barn)


  1. Heat the chocolate in separate bowls over simmering water or on a low setting in the microwave at 20-40 second intervals at a time (depending on your microwave). Keep stirring until all chocolate melts and allow to cool a little.
  2. Put your chosen sprinkles on separate plates. Push a lollipop stick into a marshmallow about halfway in. Dip into the white or milk chocolate and allow excess to drip off then dip into the sprinkles of your choice or sprinkle them on with your hands while twirling the stick. 
  3. Put it into a tall glass to set. 


Happy March break!


Jenn Giurgevich is the founder of Spark Nutrition & Health, a virtual nutrition consulting business.
Visit www.sparknutritionandhealth.ca for more information.


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