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Pack a Picnic this Summer!

Picnics! Who doesn’t love vegging out on a blanket under a tree on a beautiful summer’s day?! One of my favourite things to do this year while on maternity leave with bubs is to head outside during the day for a picnic by the pond near our house. Having foods that are both delicious and healthy are important to me…when cooking at home, eating out AND when packing foods for a picnic!

Here are my go-tos for quick and easy, yummy and healthy picnics:

  1. Veggies with dip – Any and all kinds of veggies are great with your favourite dip. I like to make onion dip using low fat, plain Greek yogurt and onion soup mix. Hummus also makes a great dip! 
  2. Whole grain crackers and lower fat cheese – I like Mary’s crackers for their crunch with some lower fat marble, light cream cheese or Laughing Cow cheese. 
  3. Fruit kabobs – berries, melon… and marshmallows on mine please!
  4. Sandwiches on whole grain bread or tortilla wraps – These could be as simple as a good ol’ PB&J.
  5. Energy balls – Check out my recipe for the energy ball that will win them all! (https://themomandcaregiver.com/the-energy-ball-that-will-win-them-all/)

Happy, healthy picnicking!

Jenn Giurgevich is a Registered Dietitian and former contract Professor at Brescia University College with a wealth of nutrition knowledge. Over the last 10+ years, Jenn has paired her love for nutrition and health with her undeniable love for fitness, working as both a personal trainer and fitness instructor.


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