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The Great Canadian Winter Escape

As a parent, snow days are somewhat of a nuisance. Your daily routine is disrupted. You are suddenly balancing parenting and work, or searching for a last minute sitter for the day. Not to mention digging out your drive and walkways in the bitter cold. Suddenly your organized home is turned upside down.

Snow days were the pinnacle of my childhood winter excitement growing up. There was nothing better than listening to the radio to hear that your school was closed or the buses weren’t running because of the weather. They were days filled with pajamas, TV, snowsuits and hot chocolate. Snow days were always a welcome reprieve from the daily grind of school. 

Until recently, my daughter was unable to experience these exceptional holidays. I admit, I was the mother I swore I would never be when I grew up. I was the mother that drove my daughter to school when the buses weren’t running. Now that we live in the country, snow days are a reality. I had forgotten the excitement and pure bliss as a child when you wake up to see snow.

As a parent what I love about snow days is the ability to send your child out to play for hours and still be able to track what they did the entire time. It reminds me of the Family Circus comics growing up. A mangled path of snow can be followed to discover their day of snow angels, toboggans and snowmen. Watching neighbourhood kids come together to build massive snow forts, with secret tunnels, all while declaring snowball war against each other. These are the memories I still carry with me today.

Whatever your children may do to occupy themselves on a snow day – celebrate it. Remind them of how snow days are unique to being a Canadian. Take time out of your day to build that snowman, after you plow the driveway. And warm up with a round of hot chocolate and marshmallows, to celebrate one of the most underappreciated Canadian holidays – snow days!

Janet Smith is a proud single-mom of one daughter and a marketing professional who is grateful for her rural roots in the London area. She is a big believer in connecting with people through laughter and honesty.


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