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Tomato Ketchup

Makes 1 cup


1 can (28 oz/796 mL) puréed tomatoes

1/3 cup brown sugar or organic cane sugar

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

¼ cup minced yellow onion

2 tsp tomato paste

1 clove garlic, minced

¾ tsp salt

Pinch each of celery salt, mustard powder, ground black pepper and paprika


Place the tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, onion, tomato paste, garlic, salt, celery salt, mustard powder, pepper and paprika into a slow cooker (or simmer stovetop). Cook on high for 8 to 10 hours, stirring occasionally. Place a couple of layers of cheesecloth in a mesh strainer over a medium-sized bowl. Pour the ketchup into the cheesecloth and strain off the solids, such as garlic bits and tomato seeds, which can be discarded. Press through the strainer with the back of a spoon, if required. Place the ketchup in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer until thickened to the desired consistency. Add a touch of water if necessary. Season again with salt, if desired. Store in a mason jar in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks.

The ketchup can be used immediately after making, but the flavours will improve even more if left overnight.

Carolyn Hemming  (and co-author, Patricia Green) are the authors of seven bestselling cookbooks in three languages with easy recipes and accessible ingredients. Carolyn is an active mother and businesswoman who lives with her family in London.


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